Get your rail qualifications re-certified with TICRail

One of TICRail’s core services is to support rail industry employees in keeping their qualifications current.

Without current, certified qualifications employees will not be able to continue working in specific job roles. TIC’s team of experienced trainers can help you and your staff obtain re-certification.

Infrastructure Roles

If you conduct Safeworking, track examination or welding duties you will need to be re-certified to meet the standards and requirements for the Track Owner.  TICRail has highly skilled and experienced trainers that will recertify you and provide you with the skills and knowledge to further your understanding and career.

Operational Roles

In rail operation roles, such as a train driver or shunter, mastering rules and procedures are some of the hardest skills to acquire and master. Rail Operations Re-Certifications/VOC will help you maintain currency with the most up to date rules for the network and also provide you with an opportunity to further your skills and knowledge.  Our TICRail Rail Operations team have national trainers that can provide all training and re-certification requirements for you, your company and your people.

How to get re-certified

To complete a Re-certification you will need to organise a session by contacting our Training Coordinators on 1300 036 390. You will also need to provide evidence on the day of training. The form below contains a list of all the required documentation that TICRail needs to complete your re-certification.

TICRail Re-certification Form

To arrange re-certification please contact the TIC office on 1300 036 390 or office@ticrail.com.au.