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Flexible, Tailored Training

With over 100 courses available, we provide training to both
individuals and companies for all areas of the rail industry.

New to the Rail Industry?

new to the rail industry

Learn what's involved in becoming a train driver.

Certification & Re-certification

Assessment and re-certification

Initial assessments of competence and re-certification.

Custom Courseware Development

rail industry courseware development

Courseware development for all areas of the rail industry.

Rail Industry Training and Assessment

The Instruction Company is an independent Australian owned Registered Training Organisation (TOID 20928) that is partnership focused in developing and delivering strategic based training and consultancy services to the Australia and International rail industry.

We provide services in the following areas

  • Rail Operations
  • Rail Infrastructure
  • Safety Management
  • Training & Assessment Services
  • Instructional Design
  • Consultancy
  • People Placement
  • RTO services

Our employees are qualified, professional and experienced in the rail industry rail industry with current rail operations/infrastructure qualifications and certification. They are experienced and qualified in train examination, freight handling, steam train operation, track work protection, train control, signalling and track vehicle operation

We have strategic partnerships that allow us to provide our clients with access to a range of industry services, including a partnership with the Dawn Alliance.

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