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Congratulations on deciding to join the rail industry. Together we’re working on exciting projects that will serve future generations. We’ve laid out below, everything you need to know to get you started. 

Before you start work in the Rail Industry you will need the below credentials as a bare minimum.

– Category 3 Rail Medical

– TLIF0020 Safely Access the Rail Corridor (SARC) training (each state has its own version of this course)

– Rail Industry Worker Card (RIW Card)

regularly runs SARC induction courses across Australia. This is a single day,
classroom-based course. Everyone in the rail industry has had to complete this
course – it lays the foundations for every job in the industry.  SARC is
very similar to a white card in construction. 

A Rail Industry Workers Card (RIW Card) is an identification tool, that keeps record of all your rail industry qualifications to ensure your knowledge and skills are up to date. You can learn more about the RIW Card on their website.

TICRail can help you complete everything you require to start your journey in the rail industry.

Safely Access the Rail Corridor with TICRail

The mandatory, 1-day induction course for the rail industry runs every week with TIC Rail. Enrol in the next course near you.

Course Calendar

In the rail industry we classify work into three categories:

Rail Infrastructure – which includes all construction and maintenance roles near the track,

Rail Operations – everything to do with operating vehicles on track, and:

Rail Safety – managing the safety of all workers on a worksite.

Common Rail Infrastructure roles include: 

– Labourer 

– Track Maintainer

– Welder (Aluminothermic or Flashbutt)

– Rail Adjuster

– Track Certifier

– Non Destructive Testing

– Road/Rail Vehicle Operator

There are many Rail Safety roles required across the industry on all rail networks. This training could include:

– ARTC Safeworking Training

     – All levels of NSW Protection Officer Training

     – All levels of SA Track Worker Training

     – All levels of VIC TFPC Training

– UGLRL Safeworking Training

– Queensland Rail Safeworking Training

– WA Safeworking Training (Perth and Pilbara)

– Northern Territory Safeworking Training

TIC Rail can help you with every aspect of your career and journey through the rail industry, our team of highly skilled and experienced trainers are the best in the industry and will guide you as you gain qualifications and experience.

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