Mark Haigh

CEO & General Manager

Jason Baxter

East Coast Operations Manager

Peter Willumsen

Central and Western Australia Operations Manager

Jeff NIckson

National Rail Operations Manager

Paul Junck

Industry consultant

Steve Deveson

Industry Consultant

Vicki Searl

National RTO Quality and Compliance Manager

In addition to the above team we have over 20 trainers delivering training and assessment nationally in Rail Infrastructure and Rail Operations.

TIC is a highly professional and ethical team who we have relied upon with the utmost of confidence to deliver national competency training that adheres to the AQF in an ad-hoc environment to suit dynamic rosters and FIFO participants.

TIC customer focus, perseverance and patience with requests received with minimal notice is highly commendable and exceeded our expectations in all aspects. I highly praise the TIC team’s dedication and commitment to listening to understand the customer’s needs in our ever changing environment. Thank you TIC!
Michele M