Why Join The Rail Industry

The Rail Industry is Calling

Join The Rail Industry: A Growing and Exciting Industry

There's never been a better time to join the rail industry. The industry is currently experiencing unprecedented expansion with a number of major infrastructure projects underway designed to strengthen the nearly $30 billion a year industry. Some of these projects include the Sydney Metro, Brisbane’s Cross-River Rail and Inland Rail.

Inland Rail is Australia’s largest ever freight rail project and one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the world. Work has commenced on the 1700km fast freight rail track which will connect Brisbane to Melbourne in less than 24 hours, passing through country NSW.

Build for the Future

As rail operators upgrade their networks, there is opportunity to lead the delivery of innovative and technology-led projects designed to position Australia’s rail network as a sustainable option for freight and passenger transport.
This helps take cars and trucks off the road and reduces emissions for a healthier and sustainable community.

Learn. Travel. Earn.

The rail industry offers a unique opportunity to travel around Australia and the world, utilising your skills to help you earn while you’re travelling. With sophisticated rail networks across Europe and the emergence of new and upgraded networks throughout Asia you can use your skills as a springboard toward new horizons.

A Rewarding Career that Goes the Distance

One of the real benefits of the rail industry is that you can add skills or even change specialisations as you progress through your career. This prevents you from becoming bored or stale and allows you to learn new skills all while remaining in the same lucrative and stable industry. Many of the trainers at TIC have held various positions in the rail industry and are richer for this experience.

Join The Rail Industry with TIC

Get Started Now

You can get started in rail by completing the mandatory induction course (TLIF2080 Safely Access the Rail Corridor). This qualification is the equivalent of a White Card in the construction industry.

If you’re aged 17-24, and meet the criteria, you may qualify for the NSW Government’s Smart and Skilled funding which will subsidise the cost of this training. TIC will be running this one-day course right across NSW so there is bound to be a course near you.

To find out if you qualify for subsidised training, complete the form below and our team will be in touch about the next course in your area.