Our Team

Head Office Team - Junee

At The Instruction Company, we value our excellent office team and their customer service skills and pride ourselves on providing a great experience for all your rail training needs.

Steve Deveson

Company Director

Steve has been involved in the rail industry for 35 years, as a driver, operations manager and locomotive driver trainer. During this time he has acquired the skills, experience and qualifications to advise, develop and deliver a wide range of performance management solutions. Steve has coordinated, developed, delivered and assessed locomotive driver training for several rail operators. He has also been responsible for training needs analysis, competency assessment and performance management of a team of driver trainers. He has most recently been involved in the development and implementation of a competency based training and assessment methodology for a large national freight operator and was a member of the team that won the ANTA award for training excellence and the Australian Human Resources Institute award for organisational support and business processes. During his time with National Rail, Steve received a Chairman's Award in 1998 for his participation in developing National Rail's locomotive driver training scheme.

Paul Junck

Company Director

Paul has been involved in the rail industry for many years, as a driver, operations manager and trainer. During this time he has acquired the skills, experience and qualifications to advise on, develop and deliver a wide range of performance management solutions. Paul is currently qualified to operate trains and deliver and assess training in NSW and Victoria. Prior to being with The Instruction Company Paul was working as Locomotive Driver Specialist for the National Rail Corporation (NRC) he was responsible for managing their major locomotive service centre in Melbourne. During his time with National Rail, Paul received two Chairman's Awards (1998 and 1999) and in 1999 was judged to be the Employee of the Year.

Mark Stevens

Rail Training Manager NSW

Mark is well known throughout the rail network for his extensive knowledge in the rail industry with particular attention to the signaling and train control fields. He also holds a high level of knowledge to conduct training and assessment in the infrastructure & safeworking fields throughout the NSW network. Mark has an excellent rapport with those throughout the rail industry and is particularly adept at facilitating on job training and assessment exercises in the field in real life situations, making the training totally transparent.

Tracy Saggus


Tracy has many years’ experience in the Training and Rail Industry, working alongside the Rail Training Manager; she handles all areas of Compliance for The Instruction Company.

Richard Rose

Rail Trainer

Richard has been with our company for over 10 years. With his vast experience and knowledge in the rail infrastructure field, he is a valued member of our team. Richard has been the mainstay in The Instruction Company provision of track geometry training and assessment services to the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC). Richard can also provide training and assessment for all levels of infrastructure protection. No matter where and what your rail training needs may be, it is likely that Richard has conducted training and assessment services in your area. His knowledge and skills of NSW networks are second to none.

Jacob Rooimans

Rail Trainer

Jacob is an experienced Trainer & Assessor, specialising in Rail Infrastructure qualifications from Handsignalling Level 1 up to Safeworking Level 2.  With over 40 years’ experience in the rail industry, his knowledge of all things infrastructure is exceptional. Jake has also been involved with many training and development projects as a subject matter expert.  He continues to provide industry advice to many sectors of the rail industry, particularly on issues associated with track protection and infrastructure safeworking in general. Jake has the ability to focus on customer needs and facilitate high levels of customer satisfaction, and is a valued member of the team.

Stephen Burch

Rail Trainer

Stephen has been with The Instruction Company for over 7 years and is a qualified Driver/Trainer previously based in Sydney and has now relocated to Brisbane.  He has vast experience in operations throughout the rail network in NSW, facilitates training and assessment delivery for a number of major clients and holds a high level of knowledge relating to Operations throughout the industry.

Gregory Woods

Rail Trainer

Greg has been in the industry for over 40 years’.  He has vast experience in both the rail infrastructure and operations throughout the rail network in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland. Greg brings to the team exceptional communication skills and provides in depth, knowledgeable training to all skill levels. He’s likableness sees participants willing and happy to learn in his training environment.

Barry Walding

Rail Trainer

Barry holds extensive knowledge in the rail industry gained from his many years in the field. He also holds extensive experience in designing Training and Assessment strategies to comply and align with the business’ vision. Barry has played a key role in implementations of strategies and rail safety plans, and the development of training materials over the years. During Barry’s time within this position, his skills in mentoring and coaching have also developed allowing him to conduct Training and Assessments to a high professional level & with confidence.

Colin Boldiston

Rail Trainer

Colin is a Melbourne based Trainer Assessor with background knowledge in Operations throughout VIC. He is well known in the industry for his professional approach in his role as Driver Trainer. Colin can adapt and work in with the Rail Operators in order to ensure that the training can be conducted without disturbing the everyday work requirements of the Client while continuing to provide a professional training service. Colin is an integral part of The Instruction Company’s team and we welcome his vast knowledge of the industry.

Peter Kalkandis

Rail Trainer

Peter is well known for his rail infrastructure training and assessment skills. He has extensive experience on a multitude of major rail projects across the state of Victoria. Peter has been actively providing these services for many years both independently and in conjunction with The Instruction Company. Peter has a full understanding of what is involved as a Trainer regarding individuals with disabilities or learning difficulties and is able to successfully accommodate their needs and requirements.

Wayne Horton


Wayne has over 30 years' experience in the rail industry with knowledge covering all aspects of Rail Operations including Driving, shunting, Safeworking, train examination and Network Control to mention a few. Wayne has vast experience in the development of training packages to suit client needs. Over the years Wayne has developed a high level of professional training skills which allows him to deliver tailored training to meet each client's needs. Wayne is a trainer who is sought after in many occasions due to his nature and key training skills.

Tony Haebich

Rail Trainer

Tony joined The Instruction Company team after a long association as a Driver Trainer with a large rail operator. Tony is well regarded in the rail industry and has earned a reputation for his ability to be flexible and adaptable in any training and assessment task. His affable nature makes him ideally placed to mentor trainees in a comfortable learning environment. Tony is based at Dimboola and spends most of his time traversing between Adelaide and Melbourne, conducting both theoretical and practical training and assessment services.

Mark Lidden

Rail Trainer

Mark has spent many years heading up training and assessment with a major rail operator in Junee NSW. He has an intricate knowledge of the rail corridor between Sydney and Melbourne and also extensive qualifications on the branch lines in the riverina region. Mark is versatile and professional in his approach to training and assessment and operators are always assured of a professional result. He holds extensive knowledge regarding all things diesel and air and enjoys being in his position as a Rail Trainer.