Re-Skilling for the Rail Industry

Flexible Re-Skilling Options

You can upskill or undertake re-skilling at any age, regardless of your career background or an absence from the workforce. Jobs for experienced workers are becoming more commonplace in many industries and there are training programs to help you make the transition that give you the flexibility to choose what you study, when you study and how you study.

Re-skill now with a rail induction course (similar to a White Card) with TIC. This course will be subsidised by the NSW Government for eligible candidates.

Why the Rail Industry?

Let’s face the facts: Australia has an ageing population. This, combined with an increased life expectancy, means that people are having to work for longer to meet their current and future needs.

One industry that continues to grow rapidly is rail. Jobs for older workers are commonplace where professional and life experience are valued. Mature-aged workers also bring stability, reliability and resilience. State and Federal Governments have committed to rail infrastructure projects around Australia which means that new jobs will be created, and these jobs will be sustainable into the future.

Was Your Work Interrupted by COVID?

If you have experienced changes in your work schedule because of COVID and are looking for additional work in a well-paid and stable industry, then a rail induction course with TIC may be the start of your new career.

Once you have completed the induction course, the team at TIC can help you get qualified in additional jobs to get you out on site as soon as possible. We work closely with the team at Track Safety Australia and Concept Engineering who provide employment opportunities to qualified, skilled and safe rail workers across the country.

Complete the form below to register your interest in an upcoming course, and to check your eligibility for subsidised training.

Get Started

The first step towards securing your future in the rail industry is to complete the mandatory induction course (TLIF2080 Safely Access the Rail Corridor). This course aims to equip participants with the required knowledge and skills to be able to identify the major hazards to workers within the rail corridor, move to a safe place on the approach of a train and work safely on or about the track within a protected worksite. For anyone with a trade background, this course is the equivalent of a White Card.

TIC is currently offering this one-day course in various locations around NSW, meaning you will have access to a course near you. This course is also subsidised by the NSW Government for eligible candidates. This means if you meet the criteria, the course fee will be waived.

Download the Course Brochure or the more detailed Course Outline for more information.