Rail Industry Consulting

The Instruction Company is a team of rail industry trainers and instructional designers with many years experience delivering training and assessment solutions to enterprises and providing rail industry consulting services both nationally and internationally. We are experienced in all aspects of performance management with particular expertise in the rail industry. We produce high quality training and documentation and can develop, deliver and assess all aspects of training in rail operations. We offer our skills and services as an independent registered training organisation (RTO), able to provide a range of services tailored to meet customer requirements in an effective and cost efficient manner.

Our staff are specialists in performance management and rail operations and infrastructure training and training assessment.  Among our staff we have instructional designers and performance management practitioners with extensive experience in industry training, employee competency structures and strategies and policy development and implementation.  We specialise in client training solutions.  We have an extensive understanding of the many variables that occur in the rail industry and in meeting the training requirements of clients for whatever the nature of the request.

Our trainers are all highly qualified, professional and experienced rail industry trainers, with current rail operations/infrastructure qualifications and certification. The Instruction Company has trainers that are experienced and qualified in the fields of train driving, rolling stock maintenance, train control, track maintenance, train examination, freight handling, track work protection and rail infrastructure just to name a few.  We can conduct training and assessment requirements in all states and have staff located in most capital cities and many regional locations as well.

All of our accredited training is aligned to the TLI Training Packages developed by Australian Industry Standards and is nationally recognised in that capacity.

We also have extensive experience having been involved in many projects to do with the onset of rolling stock arriving in Australia from overseas.  We have developed many operator manuals and training packages for various clients in order to ensure that staff are well equipped to operate and maintain new technology.

We pride ourselves in being able to develop “flexible, tailored training” to suit each client’s needs while still ensuring that all regulatory and track owner requirements remain considered.  If you have any training or assessment requirements at all associated with the rail industry, then we will have it covered.  We offer over 250 specifically designed courses that are equipped to meet your needs in whatever capacity or location they are to be applied.

For rail industry consulting services contact our office on: 02 69241679 or email office@instructionco.com.au.