Getting a USI

What is a Unique Student Identifier (USI)?

A USI is your individual education number for life. It also gives you an online record of your VET training undertaken in Australia.  Getting a USI is easy, and free.

If you're completing nationally recognized training, like some of the training offered by TIC, you will need a USI. Without one, you can't get Commonwealth financial assistance or your qualification or statement of attainment. 

Getting a USI

Getting a USI is quick, easy and free. Follow the steps below to create your USI. 

1. Have a valid form of ID. Many forms of ID are accepted and a full list of these can be found here. If you are unable to provide any of these documents please contact TIC for assistance.

2. Go to the USI Registry System

3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions

4. Select 'Create USI'

5. Select the type of ID document you will be providing

6. Enter your personal details exactly as they appear on your chosen form of ID. You can choose a preferred name if you use an alternate name for business or official purposes.

7. Enter your contact details including a minimum of two contact methods

8. Confirm your identity. The USI system will use a Documentation Verification Service to do this

9. Secure your account with a password and check questions.

Then you're done! You can now enrol in any of TIC's courses to start or continue your training in the rail industry.