Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to gain employment in the rail industry. Where do I start and how much does it cost?

The Instruction Company is a privately run Registered Training Organisation (RTO).  We offer training and assessment services in all aspects of rail industry employment.  The two main employment streams in the rail industry are:

Rail Operations 

This includes Train Drivers, Trainee Train Drivers, Train Controllers, Signallers and Terminal Operations Staff.

While we can offer all the theory (classroom based) training required for these roles, it is important to understand that to become fully qualified in these roles you will need to become employed with a rail operator in order that the practical elements that are required can be completed.  The Instruction Company also conducts the practical training and assessment required as part of your employment role with the rail operator.

What this essentially means is that it can be advantageous to undertake the theory training and assessment for these roles as some operators will look on that as being a proactive approach to gaining employment with them, however it does necessarily become a guarantee of employment.  It is always best to sound out employment prospects with relevant rail operators in your area before committing to undertaking training at your own cost.  There are also other considerations in respect to medical, educational, security and aptitude testing that rail operators require prior to being accepted in employment roles.

For further information on undertaking any type of rail operations training please contact our office.

Rail Infrastructure

This includes Track Maintenance personnel, Maintenance Contractors to the rail industry, Track Protection personnel, Track Machine Operators, Track Vehicle Operators, Flagmen and general Track Safety Awareness personnel.

The Instruction Company can offer all theory and practical training that is required for these roles.  This type of training provides trainees with the respective qualifications that are required by the track managers in relation to carrying out tasks associated with rail infrastructure work. 

Track managers have minimum requirements for the undertaking of these tasks in which The Instruction Company has extensive expertise.

For further information on undertaking any type of rail infrastructure training please contact our office.



2. I have existing qualifications in the rail industry however I have been told they have expired. What do I have to do to get them renewed?

As we appreciate there are many different roles in the industry and each of these roles require the need for currency.  Many people have either left the industry or gained qualifications sometime earlier on and are now looking to resurrect those qualifications for all sorts of reasons.  For example you may have applied for a job role with a rail operator and been told that your qualifications have expired.

This happens because all rail operators are required legally to ensure that their personnel and contractors that they may engage have qualifications that indicate both competence and currency.  One of the ways they ensure that happens is by including a recertification process in their job roles.  This means that if you have applied for work with a rail operator or a contractor and have been told that your qualifications have expired, then that equates to the date of your last recertification or use of those specific competencies in that respect.  These time frames are indicative to the respective rail operator or contractor and their internal safety management systems.  RTOs do not determine these time frames for recertification however they do conduct the recertifying process itself.

The Instruction Company can step you through a recertification process and that process always relates to any evidence you can provide in respect to past qualifications and the period since you have been active in that role.  If you need to be recertified in any role simply contact our office and we will advise you of the course of action required to ensure that you are equipped with the qualifications needed for any particular role in the rail industry.

3. I need to get Track Safety Awareness training. What should I do?

There are many questions that arise from the need to obtain Track Safety Awareness (TSA) training across the nation.  Each track owner usually has their own requirements for the obtaining of suitable qualifications in that regard.  For example that could be RISI, One Track, MTM, JHR or VLIne TSA.  It is important to understand exactly where it is that you require TSA training for.  The track owners can be any one of ARTC, Sydney Trains, John Holland Rail, Genesee Wyoming, VLine, Metro Trains Melbourne, Aurizon just to name a few.  Once you understand the network or networks involved The Instruction Company can then ensure that you get the correct training.

Detailed information about TSA training is provided on our website

4. What courses do The Instruction Company provide?

We pretty much run any courses to do with the rail industry in both rail operations and rail infrastructure.  We generally run them when we receive a request from a rail operator, contractor to the industry or simply from people wanting to work in the rail industry.  A full range of our courses and course detail is accessible through our “courses” page on this site or you can just contact our office for further information, particularly if you are unsure about exactly what training it is that you require. Our friendly office staff will assist you in that regard.

5. What will it cost to get trained?

The answer to that is based on a number of things.  These can be:

The type of training you require The time frame and location you wish to undertake it


It is not always a simple answer however our staff are experts when it comes to ensuring that we provide you with optimum cost saving options wherever possible.  Be sure to let them know if you hold any qualifications or have experience in the rail industry as we are very active in the application of Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) wherever it can be applied

  • The number of participants you want to train.  Generally there are big savings involved when you need greater numbers trained
  • Past experience or qualifications within the industry that you may have

6.  I have been told I need to get a Rail Industry Worker card. How do I get a Rail Industry Worker card?

The respective track owners require that rail industry workers hold a form of proof that they hold the required qualifications in the role that they need to perform on their networks. 

RTO’s do not issue these cards however they do provide the training and assessment required to obtain those qualifications. 

Upon successful completion of training the participant will receive a Statement(s) of Attainment from The Instruction Company.  These are submitted by the trainees employer to the system along with other mandatory information.  Full details of the requirements of this process are available by simply clicking on the  link here.