Fair and Reasonable Refund Policy

The Instruction Company delivers fee for service arrangements for the delivery of training and assessment services.

An invoice to the trainee’s employer will be forwarded following the completion of the training and/or assessment service.


If The Instruction Company Reschedules Training

If a deposit has been forwarded to The Instruction Company to secure a specific training/assessment service and The Instruction Company needs to re-schedule the training/assessment service then the deposit will be returned to the client in full with an explanation why the training and/or assessment service needed to be re-scheduled or cancelled.


If the Client Cancels Training

If a client wishes to cancel a previously confirmed training/assessment service and has paid a deposit then the following refund policy will apply:

If cancelled more than 12 working days beforehand – full refund

If cancelled more than 7 working days beforehand – 50% of deposit will be refunded

If cancelled less than 7 working days beforehand – deposit is forfeited