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Track Vehicle Operator Safeworking - ARTC NSW and John Holland CRN NSW Rail Network

Course Description: 

The Track Vehicle Operator training course is about fixed signals, safeworking rules and operating procedures required by track vehicle operators to operate track vehicles on the John Holland Country NSW Regional Network and ARTC Defined Interstate Rail Network in NSW.

This course covers the rules and procedures for Working with Fixed Signals, Work on Track Authorities and operating Track Vehicles using the normal method of safeworking in use.

This course is Nationally Recognised Training for which the successful trainees will be awarded respective Statements of Attainment for the units of competence contained within the role Track Vehicle Operator competency matrix as defined in the "Network Owner, Competency Matrix Requirements."


Course Handouts: 

The Instruction Company Training Theory Courses include a Participant Workbook and an Off Job Assessment. Participants are handed an On Job Workbook at the completion of the course for completion by their employer or by The Instruction Company Trainer/Assessors. All training materials have Instructional Design principles applied which encourages discussion, activities and exercises to be established between the Learner and the Trainer during the Off and On Job Training experience.

Duration : 

5  x Days theory classroom training (See Note below)

3 x Day On job training and one-on-one competency assessment.

On job training administered by The Instruction Company is conducted in the applicable track owner rail corridor.


NOTE: The duration of the Off and On Job Training will vary depending on the number of safeworking systems which apply to your area of operations.

Upon completion: 

Students successfully completing the theory and the on job training exercises are awarded a Certificate of Achievement. Students who successfully complete the assessment of competence are awarded a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment. The Statement of Attainment will list the applicable AQF competency units defined by ARTC and John Holland CRN rail networks which are:

  • TLIC2081 Pilot rail traffic within work on track authority limits

  • TLIC0083 Access rail track to travel track vehicle under a proceed authority

  • TLIC2054 Access rail track to run track vehicle within defined worksite

  • TLIC2078 Identify and respond to signals and trackside signs

The competency units awarded upon compeletion of this course are nationally accredited units from the TLI Transport and Logistics Training package. 


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The pre-requisite for this course is Protection Officer Level 1

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