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TLI42613 Certificate IV in Train Driving Course

This qualification replaces the existing TLI40410 Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Rail Operations).


There is a transition period that allows the existing qualification to remain in effect until your business requirements have identified that the new qualification should be implemented.

Employees currently on existing TLI40410 Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Rail Operations) Traineeships can continue to complete their qualifications and are not affected.


The new qualification allows flexibility within the rail industry and allows rail operator employees to gain a Certificate Level IV qualification entirely aligned to one of the following train driving streams:

  • Electric Train Driver
  • Freight Train Driver
  • Country Passenger Train Driver
  • Steam Locomotive Driver
  • Heritage Locomotive Driver.


This qualification has been designed by industry to reflect actual competencies related to the identified train driving skills and roles defined in the list above.

The Instruction Company has the required Training Packages available to conduct Freight Train Operations in all States and Territories within Australia.

Each Training package includes:

  • Trainee Handbook
  • Off Job Assessments
  • On Job Workbooks
  • Competency Assessment Checklists.


The Safeworking competence is aligned to applicable Track Owner rules and regulations.

Additionally all training courses can be tailored to employer operational needs to cover the following specific tasks:

  •  Locomotive classes applicable to operator requirements
  • Shunting Procedures
  • Train Examination Procedures.


The training packages for the remaining operation streams are under development and should be available soon and on request.

Please contact Alison in the Junee Office on (02) 69 241 679 to obtain further information on the newly released train driving qualification TLI42613 Certificate IV in Train Driving.